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How to Download Android Apps on Nokia X Without Google Play Store

Nokia recently introduced it’s first ever mid range Android smartphone with awesome price. In Pakistan Buy Nokia X from ShopHive official website.This smartphone is ideal for countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc where people cannot afford to buy expensive smartphones. With the price tag of just rupees 13,800/- in Pakistan you can enjoy great gaming experience with it’s 1GHz Snapdragon Dual core process with giant 4 inch IPS screen. The phone comes with 512 MB RAM and 4Gb of built-in memory with extra memory card slot. The best thing is that you will enjoy three interface in this price Nokia Lumia tile interface, Fast Lane design of Nokia Asha phones and Android interface with the help of Go Launcher app.

 How to Download Apps

Unfortunately Nokia does not allow you to download Android Apps directly from Google Play Store but there are few ways through which you can do this easily.
How to Download Android Apps on Nokia X Without Google Play Store

Download Apps via Third Party App Stores

The best way is to download Apps from other third party stores like 1 Mobile Market (600K +apps),Slide MeAptoide Mobango and Yandex etc. Also if you want to set the Android interface as default interface in your phone than tap N launcher option from Go Launcher App.

Download Apps Offline

With this way you can download almost any Android app on your Nokia X mobile. All you need to do is to download offline installer from Google Play store in the form of apk format. Copy this file in your mobile phone memory card and install it. In order to install Pro apps you can visit various torrent sites.

6 Unique Ways to Create Google Adsense Account

google adsense account in urdu

If you want to earn money on internet than the most legit and dependable method is known as Google Adsense. I have seen many programs online and join them as well but sooner or later they turned into scam and eventually I lose all my money and time too. So if anybody wants to earn money but don’t wanted to take risk then Adsense is for you. Adsense is an advertising program from Google in which you put some code on your blog or website and they show some ads via this code onto your website.
legit and dependable method is known as Google Adsense. I have seen many programs online and join them as well but sooner or later they turned into scam and eventually I lose all my money and time too. So if anybody wants to earn money but don’t wanted to take risk then Adsense is for you. Adsense is an advertising program from Google in which you put some code on your blog or website and they show some ads via this code onto your website.
 that Google is very strict when it comes to Adsense program and policies. So you have to realize the fact that you have to take Adsense seriously like a business and be patient. The good thing is that you can create Google Adsense account via 6 different ways which means that if any way is not suitable for you, you can create your account via another way. But the thing is same for all ways that put unique fresh and quality content on each website so that Google will not ban your Adsense account.
6 Unique Ways to Create Google Adsense Account

1. Flixya

If you don’t have blog/website than you can still create Google Adsense account with the help of Flixya. Flixya is a social networking Revenue sharing website where you share images, videos and blogs with other users and make friends. In all this fun activity you also make money. When you create free account on Flixya they give you your personal username URL so that when a visitor visits your URL they see only content uploaded by you. Around your content you can also publish Google Adsense ads.
Just upload your own images, videos or blogs and after 10 content uploads Flixya gives you the option to signup Google Adsense via Monetize menu. After that you have to fill Adsense form and wait for 1 or 2 days. If Google have no objection on your content your account will approved and you can display adds on Flixya as well as website which is according to Google Program and policies.

2. Docstoc

You can also create Google Adsense account via Docstoc. Docstoc is a website where you can upload documents, templates, E-books, forms, paper materiel and presentation. So signup free on Docstoc and upload your very own text files, word files or any documents and earn money with Google Adsense account. Remember Use same E-mail for Docstoc and Adsense as they send you E-mail for verification. After verification your account will activate in about one week time.

3. IndyaRocks

IndyaRocks is a social networking website like Facebook. But unlike Facebook which make billions of dollars and give you nothing at all IndyaRocks gives 100% commission back to its users. Google authorize 3 Adsense ad units in one page, IndyaRocks after creating your profile will place one Adsense unit on every page of yours . For account approval all you have to do is write 2 quality and unique blogs and upload 10 images on there site and apply for Google Adsense. Its fun and very easy to join IndyaRocks and create Adsense account as well.

4. Hubpages

If you don’t know about Hubpages than you seriously need to study this website. You can take double benefits from this website. Join free on Hubpages today and create your full profile. After that write 2 or 3 quality articles and publish them on HubPages. Now first of all include a back link to your blog or website in these articles. Hubpages is a very High page rank website and Google gives preference to its back link. So by writing and uploading articles to Hubpages you create a quality back link for your blog as well as you can apply for Google Adsense.

5. WebAnswers

If you have used Yahoo Answers before than its very easy for you to use Webanswers because its very much similar to Yahoo Answers. All you have to do is to answer some of the questions asked by this website members and apply for Adsense after some time. Again this website can give you quality back link. Simply leave URL of your blog in the related questions ask by the members and take advantage of the high quality back-link.

6. BloggerParty

Bloggerparty is yet another Revenue Sharing Blogging Community in which you have to share your thoughts, Experiences, Articles, Tricks and tips you learn over the years. Between all this fun activity you can also make money by applying for Google Adsense account. You can also create link-back to your blog or website which is good for your blog authority in the eyes of search engines.

Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan Free

verify paypal account
How to Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan without bank account where its officially not allowed to open and verify accounts. We all know the importance of it and without this top payment processor we are left behind with only 20% of market share. All major internet business companies, webhosting providers, Affiliate marketers and advertising companies use this payment processor and without it we can only see and wish when it will be available in Pakistan. I have also receive many Emails regarding how to verify Paypal account in Pakistan without credit card and till then my answer was no.

Its amazing that most of the countries present in the list of not allowed countries are Muslim countries and all of these countries like Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan and Bangladesh when all combine together have more than 70 million people in it. All these countries are no way small countries are otherwise economically not profitable for big company like Paypal. So we can’t understand why they are not providing services in these countries even at this era where everything is possible.

Why should we verify Paypal account.

For those who don’t know much about Paypal let me tell you that its an e-currency based company which buy and sell currency and take commission in the process. When you buy some thing online from some website you can pay that website via this payment processor and similarly when you work online for someone than you can receive money from them via Paypal in Pakistan. You can anytime open account free with any country selected in it. But the problem is that you cannot receive and send money through your account unless you verify it via some bank account or credit card. Also people only receive and send money to only verified Paypal account so that they can protect there accounts because if you send money to unverified account they may limit your account any time.

What is Virtual Credit Card?

The only way through which you can verify Paypal account in Pakistan with debit card or any other banned country is via Virtual Credit Card. Now what the hell is Virtual Credit Card. Virtual Credit Cards are just like ordinary credit cards and issued to real persons but there is no physical card. These cards are mainly issued to protect your real credit card so that you can purchase products online via Virtual Credit Card and no one can know your real credit card number. You can purchase everything from these cards and also verify your Paypal account with these cards. There are lots of websites selling Virtual Credit Cards online, all you have to do is signup free with your real information. Some sites require you to verify your local debit card some require you to pay the amount of Virtual Credit Cards via Western Union, Webmoney, Money Gram or via Liberty reserve. Virtual Credit Card amount varies from 10 dollars to 20 dollars.

Get Free Payoneer Pre-paid Card

If you want Paypal pakistan free account than their is a good news for you that now you can order your Payoneer Pre-paid Card free of cost and this card will ship on your home address too. You can order the card from Payoneer Affiliates link and after receiving the card just use it to verify Paypal account. You can further read more guide about how to Verify PayPal account in Pakistan with Payoneer card here.

EntroPay Virtual Credit Card

EntroPay also allows you to create Virtual Visa Credit card and load the card with your local bank debit card. Just signup for a free account by visiting the offical EntroPay website here and create new account. After that verify your account with your ID card as well as with utility bill. Now load money into your card(at-least $20) and you are ready to verify your PayPal account with it.

How to verify Paypal account in Pakistan.

There is no rocket science involve when you got your Virtual Credit Card. You can get Virtual Credit Card of any country so purchase a card of country which is available in the Paypal safe list. Remember not to choose a country like Saudi-Arabia which only supports withdrawal means no one can send you money. It is recommended that you choose USA as your country. Now be careful when you are going to register your Virtual Credit Card. Only use English name, real address, street name and postal code. You can get USA name, address, postal code from FakeNameGeneratorwebsite.
After registering your Virtual Credit Card create a PayPal account with the same name, address, postal etc. All information must match 100% otherwise you may any problem. Now verify your account by giving your Virtual Credit Card details and wait for 2 to 3 business days. They will send a small amount in your credit card with some code related to that transaction. You have to login in your Virtual Credit Card account and see your statement. In your statement you will see a transaction with that code. Now copy that code and open your Paypal account. Go to the Credit card section and enter verification code.

Some tips after Verifying Paypal account.

1. First of all you can use your verified Paypal account to purchase any product online but some big companies may still not accept your transaction via this account. These companies include very famous webhosting provider company yes guys I know you are disappointed but its fact you cannot buy webhosting from Godaddy via your Paypal account if it is verified via Virtual credit card.
2. After verifying your account don’t use it for 3 to 4 days.
3. Never use any proxy to create your Paypal account or for any other purposes.
4. Always clear your browser cache before doing any transaction and after you done you transaction.
5. Always pay amount to a verified and trusted users. Never try to pay or receive from an unverified user.
6. If some one has scam you or make you fool, don’t ever try to claim your money because if you claim your money Paypal will verify both accounts and in your case they will immediately limit your account.
7. Never withdraw all you money from your account. Always leave 5 to 10 dollars in your account.
8. Never transact big amount of money I mean greater than 1000 US dollars.

How to withdraw money from Paypal.

Now after all the hard work you are wondering how can we withdraw money from Paypal account because its verified via Virtual Credit Card and we have no such card to withdraw money. To solve this problem you have to create Payza account, thankfully they support Pakistan and you can open Payza account anytime Free of cost. Now you have to again verify your account but this time Payza account via your Virtual Credit Card. The process is same and it may take 3 to 4 business days to verify. After that transfer all your money from Paypal account to your Virtual Credit Card and from this card to your Payza account. You can easily withdraw all your money straight into your local bank account via wire-transfer. So all above mention steps are lengthy but this is the only option and we have to rely on this.

Earn Online Money in Pakistan(Urdu)

earn money online in pakistan without investment in urdu hindine

Earn Online money in Pakistan without investment is very much possible, yes this was never been so easy before, now you can earn thousands of dollars earning online with the ease of working from home. Some years ago when I started my online career thing was totally different. Earning money online seems to be impossible in Pakistan with such few options and less payment processors support. The big problem of earning money on the internet is that number of scam websites which are really hurting the online business industry. People who are scammed by these websites never come back and hence we lost a precious customer.

Many people believe that earning money online in Pakistan is very hard and nothing can be from the internet. But let me tell you that these people have to change their minds as many people in Pakistan are earning money as much as that they don’t even require 9 to 5 jobs. They are their own boss and there are no office timings to work. No hassle of traffic rush or CNG load shedding. You don’t even need any kind of staff or any big investment to run your online business. No need to pay heavy bills for electricity, Gas, Telephone or Mobile Operators. Money in Pakistan

There are many ways through which you can earn money. One way is a buy stocks online from the stock market at low price and then sell them at a high price. You just have to open an online stock exchange account in Pakistan with as low as rupees 25,000/- and you can start trading. You can also buy shares more than the cash value you have in your account. Buying and selling shares are just a click away as online software system will help you a lot and provide you real timely analysis.
Many people are also earning with blogging in Pakistan. Blogging is a term used to write some unique stuff you like most and there are many bloggers in Pakistan. All you need is a blog (free or paid) and you can start blogging instantly. When you have a sufficient material on your blog then you can apply for Google Adsense to put some advertising ads onto your blog. So that when a user clicks on your ads you earn money. You can cash-out your Adsense money via western union with Pakistan.
When your blog got some traffic you can also place Amazon ads through their affiliate program. Although PayPal the payment processor of Amazon doesn’t support Pakistan but you can operate Amazon ads via buying virtual credit cards online. You have to buy virtual credit cards which may be from 50 dollars to 100 dollars in price. Also there are many Adsense alternatives in Pakistan through which you can post ads onto your blog and earn money.

Google Adsense in Urdu

Earn Online Money in Pakistan(Urdu)

How to Create your Own blog in Urdu

Earn Online Money in Pakistan(Urdu)

Make Money with Freelancing in Urdu

Earn Online Money in Pakistan(Urdu)

How to bid on these websites

Earn Online Money in Pakistan(Urdu)

How to withdraw money in Pakistan

Earn Online Money in Pakistan(Urdu)

Verify PayPal account in Pakistan

Earn Online Money in Pakistan(Urdu)

How to Free Signup for Google Apps

google apps free in urdu

Google shutdown it’s free signup for Google Apps last year and now you have to pay $5 per month per account in order to use this service but somehow they are giving away free signup via a hidden trick. When you will visit the main page of Google Apps you will find that you only have one option and that is paid but with a little trick mention below you can get this awesome service and create custom domain email address free of cost.

Google Apps for Free

1. First of all you need Gmail account in order to signup so if you don’t have one create by visiting the website. After that visit the Google App Engine page and click on Create Application button. After that Google will ask you to verify your Mobile Phone number.
How to Free Signup for Google Apps
2 After phone verification it’s time to fill in the dummy data in your application and click on create application button.
How to Free Signup for Google Apps
Now click on Dashboard link located on the next page.
How to Free Signup for Google Apps
You will see a new long settings page where you have to find the “Application Settings” link. For this you have to scroll down.
How to Free Signup for Google Apps
It’s time to add domain, for this scroll down tot he new page and find the “Add Domain” right below the Domain Setup tab.
How to Free Signup for Google Apps
At the right of your screen you will find the “Sign up for Google Apps Standard” link which is the free link. Don’t try to visit this link directly as Google will only allow free signup via Application reference.
How to Free Signup for Google Apps

Get Free US Virtual Phone Number for Account Verification

us virtual account number in urdu pakistan

Free US virtual phone number can be very handy if you want to verify your Gmail account, PayPal, Facebook or any other USA mobile number required website. You don’t need to buy anything special for this number neither you have to buy any credits to receive a call. Normally sites gives you option to verify account via SMS or Voice call and in our case Voice call is the best option. You will receive this call straight on your computer via VOIP so you don’t need any physical mobile handset.

We have to create two accounts on two different websites so please read all steps carefully so that you will not get confuse.
1 First of all visit the website and click on “Get Started Now” button or you can directly go to that page by clicking here.
2. Create account with any US info like name, address and US phone number which you can get fromFakeNameGenerator website. Use your real email address because they will send you an email for account activation.
Get Free US Virtual Phone Number for Account Verifications
3. Verify your account by visiting your email inbox and clicking on the activation link.
Get Free US Virtual Phone Number for Account Verifications
4. Login into your newly created account by visiting this link. After login accept all TOS and Conditions pages and click acknowledged button. They may ask you for how many employees are in your company which you can select 1-4 only.
5. Now the real information here is your unique SIP address which you can found in the email.

Create account on (

1. Visit the website and click on signup now button or directly go to that page by clicking here.
2. On this website you have to provide the first website( details so that you can create this account. Just follow the instructions shown in the picture below and click Submit button.
Get Free US Virtual Phone Number for Account Verifications
3. On next page they will show you necessary information which they also send you via email. The most important thing in this email is your US Virtual Phone number which you will use for account verifications.
Get Free US Virtual Phone Number for Account Verifications

Download OnSip Software

Now that you have two account its time to download Jitsi for OnSIP which is a Voip software so that you can make and receive phone calls on your computer.
After downloading install the software with default settings and after that it will ask you to enter the IPKall info so that it can redirect calls for you.
Get Free US Virtual Phone Number for Account Verifications
Make sure that you have set the correct connection settings like the one mention below.
Get Free US Virtual Phone Number for Account Verifications
Congratulations now you are ready to make and receive phone calls from any where in the world and that too free of cost.

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